Sunday, 2 December 2018

Date Night Makeup Look

We all know what boys are like when it comes to us girls getting ready.. too impatient! They somehow expect us girls to put a full pretty face of makeup on, do our hair and pick an outfit in the same time as they have shower and put a shirt on (so 5 minutes).. next to impossible am I right?!

Friday, 1 June 2018


I'm back. 

The blog went bust for a while but i'm back and i'm actually going to post - don't hold me to it but at least once a month will be an improvement haha. I've been busy busy busy, as always. From working four jobs at one point, to uni work i'm pretty non-stop. 

So whats been happening?
- I've been working.. a lot. 
Got a free minute? - no. When you next free? - i'm not. What you doing next weekend? - i'm working. 
I've been on the work grind making funds for big holidays, events and to save save save (even though that rarely actually happens as it gets spent asap). As much as I do work.. most the time I love it. I love making money from working hard - whether it be long day shift, night shifts, bar work or promotional jobs - I love it.

But yea- i'm back at it when i'm free to post cos I love it, so be expecting more soon!

Hannah xx
© Hannahmb

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