Friday, 22 April 2016

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I recently purchased the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, one i've had my eye on for a while but finally got round to purchasing. After switching between Rimmels True Match Foundation and Bare Minerals Original foundation powder for years I felt the change was so
From hearing everyone rave about this foundation, from my mum, to YouTubers, to every review online; it was definitely on the top of my want list and something I needed to invest in.
This foundation is said to be the UK's #1 Foundation. With 15 hours staying power which can last through any activity and any heat this seems like a winner, doesn't it?!

As I have quite sensitive skin, whenever I get a break out it can sometimes take months for a spot to clear up completely, this meaning that a full coverage foundation is always necessary for me and is the kind I love wearing, to make my skin appear smooth and spotless, literally.

The colour I purchased was 2C3 Fresco.
When I first saw this colour outside the bottle it looked waaaaaay dark but as I applied it to my face and it oxygenated the colour got a lot lighter and seemed to match my skin so much better. The colour is slightly lighter and cooler than what I would usually go for but still works brilliantly with my skin tone. 
This foundation i've tried applying with my fingers and with a brush, I found the best finish was when I applied it with a brush then blended with my fingers, making sure the product is completely dispersed all over my face evenly and blended in.
I found that this foundation drys hella fast! This meant you had to blend it really quickly otherwise I got an unfortunate patchy foundation line situation happening on my face (which did happen once or twice!) - not the best look!

15 Hour Staying Power?
I thought I may as well test it out properly and share my results of this foundation, what is the point in having this title if no one tests it right? Here I applied the foundation at 8:00am, then continued to go about my day, as well as do a 9 hour shift at work, properly testing its durability to the max.

 14 Hours Later...
From this you can see the foundation lasted really well! Better than the rest of my makeup, as well as my hair! Despite the slight shine to my skin, it still looked full coverage and glowing with no touch ups done at all. Considering I had just done a whole days work, being up and active all day it stayed put amazingly- better than all other foundations I have tried perviously.

So 15 Hour Staying Power?? Yes alright Estée Lauder, i'll let you have the title this time because it worked a charm. 

The one downfall I have found with the foundation is when being photographed with the flash on, the colour looks too light, I think predominantly because of the SPF 10 formula, making my face seem much lighter than the rest of my body. This I compensate for usually when I need my skin looking perfect, with a lot of bronzer most of the time. I think I will soon purchase a slightly darker shade in a warmer tone and see how that looks on camera.
Overall I adore this foundation- the more I use it, the more I love it. Although I have found similar foundations on the high street none have the finish this one does, definitely becoming my new favourite.
Whats yours?




  1. I love it too! The lady matched me up wrong though so I have to wait till tan time to be able to use it sadly xx

    1. There are so many shades its hard to find the perfect one!


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