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Top 5 Style Icons

From a young age we all begin to discover our own sense of style, experimenting with fashion trends and creating our own style as different trends wave in and out each year. Whether your style is
comfort, practical, surfer girl, punk rocker chick or just completely fashionable, it says something about yourself.
Even within school this starts; we all remember having to wear the dreaded hideous school uniform everyday - i've tried to block it out as much as possible! Everyone had a certain look and take on their school uniform, whether it be wearing a really long skirt, or rolling it up completely, tucking your shirt in to having it out. All this says something about you and the way you want to be seen by everyone around you.

We all have our own style, from edgy to elegant, bright and colourful to wearing all black; With this we all have people who inspire us and give us ideas and inspirations for our style to develop it further to make it your own.  Fashion and style have always been a big part of my life I enjoy and love experimenting with, although I tend to stay pretty safe quite often, keeping with the same colours and style of clothes. There are a few people I keep note off and follow, who's style I admire and and have loved for years. Heres my top four.

Kylie Jenner

Through seeing Kylie Jenner's style through her instagram, pap pictures as well as KUWTK of course, I have started to love most of her looks. Athough she seems to stay quite safe with the colours she keeps it edgy and versatile with different styles and alternative pieces. Being young Kylie pushes the boundaries of being sexy for her age and makes herself look older through her style and creates her image through her clothes, hair and makeup.
Here are a few of my favourite looks of hers..

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan has to be one of the UKs most gorgeous women, through her flawless tan and natural look she always looks put together and beaut no matter what snaps she's shown in.
Her style is very elegant and classic colours, keeping it very feminine and classy. 

  Victoria Beckham

As a fashion designer herself Victoria Beckhams style is very established. Switching from an androgynous look to extremely feminine, she knows how to work it perfectly, being a fashion inspiration in the UK to so many generations of us (my mum loves her style as well!). She definitely has to be one of my top fashion icons.

Kendal Jenner

Kendal's always been seen to be the surfer tomboy chick being very laid back and chilled with her style on the daily, then moving to a classic elegant look for events. Being very minimalistic in style as well as makeup, keeping colours neutral but staying extremely modern. Here and some of my favourite looks of hers..

Gigi Hadid

A newer style inspiration of mine is Gigi Hadid. First seen to me on the catwalk for top designers and on the cover of magazines she has become a very current face within the industry. With a similar look to Kylie, Gigi Hadid has a different but amazing style, making every outfit look stylish and elegant.

These women help me expand my style and keep experimenting with different looks. Being my top style icons, they make each outfit a statement look in different ways.
Who are your top style inspirations?



  1. I love Victoria's style and always have. I think she's got real classy taste

    1. Yeah definitely agree! She's elegant yet edgy. Definitely a big fashion inspiration to most people I think!


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