Sunday, 2 December 2018

Date Night Makeup Look

We all know what boys are like when it comes to us girls getting ready.. too impatient! They somehow expect us girls to put a full pretty face of makeup on, do our hair and pick an outfit in the same time as they have shower and put a shirt on (so 5 minutes).. next to impossible am I right?!

Friday, 1 June 2018


I'm back. 

The blog went bust for a while but i'm back and i'm actually going to post - don't hold me to it but at least once a month will be an improvement haha. I've been busy busy busy, as always. From working four jobs at one point, to uni work i'm pretty non-stop. 

So whats been happening?
- I've been working.. a lot. 
Got a free minute? - no. When you next free? - i'm not. What you doing next weekend? - i'm working. 
I've been on the work grind making funds for big holidays, events and to save save save (even though that rarely actually happens as it gets spent asap). As much as I do work.. most the time I love it. I love making money from working hard - whether it be long day shift, night shifts, bar work or promotional jobs - I love it.

But yea- i'm back at it when i'm free to post cos I love it, so be expecting more soon!

Hannah xx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

That makeup that lastsss girls

Hey blog, 

Here's a look I love.. and it lasts - I have proof! Even after two hardcore work shifts (yess two) it was still put. These pics were taken a good 20 hours after putting ma face on.
My go to simple base and brows, with a warm brown basic smokey eye this look goes from day to night easy.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

My 5 Top Skincare Tips: How I Changed My Skin

Your skin is probably the most important thing to look after, from being the base to your makeup, to the thing people see first when you meet someone for the first time.. everyone want to try make their skin look top notch don't they!

Whether your doing a long 20 minute regime, doing the occasional luxury mask or just washing your face every morning and night, everyone treats their skin differently.. so here is what I have found has really helped mine!
© Hannahmb

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